mzGlobal provides resources for your business to attract opportunities in tumultuous times, to create value in downturns, and to grow by sharpening global competitive edge.

Internet Marketing & Web Strategy

For a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising, we can plan and implement a budget conscious, targeted and integrated, effective internet marketing and web strategy program to achieve your goals.

Website Design & Development Strategy

We provide quality, cost-effective, highly expandable and multilingual website design and development solutions including e-commerce, using the best Content Management System (CMS) and the most advanced technology available on the market today, and supported by timely internet marketing.

Time to consider adding a language button in Chinese and transform your current website to a multilingual website? Contact us.

Global Markets & Globalization

Wonder if your products or services deserve a market expansion to Asia, or how to get U.S. representation for your products or services?  Contact us.

Global Business Culture & Etiquette

Awareness of cultural differences and appropriate business etiquette in the global environment is not one, but two steps ahead towards success.

Business Creation & Development 

Hard work and ambition is never the issue.  And you have great ideas.  The issue becomes how to keep an idea alive.  A brilliant idea without implementation equals nothing more than a piece of napkin.  Let's get started.

Business Strategic Planning  

Do you have a business model?  Has it been tested or your ideas remain untested business hypotheses?  Plan your business for what you really need to know about your customers, competitors, operations and bottom-lines.  Be adaptive, insightful, and actionable.

Marketing & Sales

Marketing and Sales is the blood streams of your business. 

  • Marketing Sales Strategy & Process - Define Marketing & Sales Strategy as part of overall business strategies, and Marketing & Sales Process as part of business process. 
  • Branding - It is YOU that matters.
  • Customer - always a king or not? 
  • Sales Channels - Are your sales venues effective? 
  • Pricing - Since you can not do without it, you might as well treat it as a useful tool.

Information Technology

As a part of the solution.


You are on a boat.  You see the ocean bank.  However, waves are rolling on.  You have lost sight of the bank.  You are once again so far away from your destination.  Business longevity equals innovation.

Executive Coaching on China vs. the U.S. and East vs. West

No matter which direction the wind blows, you stand still.

Business Travel

Instead of getting frustrated, you need to think about how to make the most of your business travel?

Business Related Chinese Language and Culture Training

Personalized training that makes a difference.

Business Related English Language and American Culture Training

Personalized training that makes a difference

and more

You never regret what you have done; you only regret what you have not done, so I am told.